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EasyHostSolutions provides three different Affiliate/Reseller Programs. Please choose the program that applies.

Referral Program

If you are an existing customer of ours please take advantage of our Referral Program. Refer one client for a Web hosting package and your Web hosting will be free for a month.
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Affiliate Program

We offer one of the most rewarding Affiliate Programs in the industry for Webmasters. Drive traffic to our Web site and receive $10 (Tier 1) and $5 (Tier 2) in commission for every new customer.
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Reseller Program

EasyHostSolutions offers the most powerful, manageable and profitable Reseller Solution on the Web. We are providing our Reseller Solution to Web hosting companies, Web designers, consultants and more. Find out more about the EasyHostSolutions Reseller Program.
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cPanel and WebHost Manager: You and Your Clients will be in Control of every aspect of the Web Hosting World
CPanel is a fully-featured web-based control panel that allows you to manage your domain through a web interface. The idea is to transfer as much of the control and responsibility of managing your web site to you. You have the ability to manage all aspects of email, files, backup, FTP, CGI scripts, and web site statistics.
I am just contacting you to thank you for helping me through all of the problems I have had with my website. Thank You very much. You guys have gone well above what I expected. You guys have really blown me away with the amount of support and knowledge that all of your support staff knows. I definitely will recommend your company to some other people that I know that are starting a website. I know they will love it. Before I came to you, I looked around and I found sites that were offering the same thing you are for almost double if not triple the price you are. The other sites made you pay for web hosting and a domain name EVERY MONTH! Which meant that I was paying over $30.00 a MONTH! That is really ridiculous. I love all of the things that your program offers for the small site that I have. Your company is awesome!

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