Merchant Accounts

EasyHostSolutions is pleased to offer to its customers three great new deals on merchant accounts and credit card processing solutions through our partnership with BluePay.Com. Whether you are a new business owner looking for your first merchant account or are an existing business owner looking for a better deal, we feel that we have negotiated the best possible deal for our customers.

Offer #1- Strictly for Webhosts (Great for our resellers!)

This account is for Web Hosts ONLY.  If you are not a web host, do not apply for this account
as the application will be declined.  We were able to negotiate this great deal for our resellers
but any web host my sign up for this account.

 Setup Fee   NONE
 Annual Fee   NONE
 Monthly Statement Fee   $10.00
 Monthly Gateway Fee   $10.00
 Monthly Transactional Minimum Fees   $25.00
 Internet Debit Discount Rate   1.99%
 Qualified and Mid-qualified Discount Rate   2.26%
 Non-qualified Discount Rate   3.95%
 Transaction Fee   $.27

Offer #2- General Ecommerce Accounts

This general Ecommerce account is designed as a
solution for Ecommerce customers. The BluePay api has been integrated
with many of the shopping carts that we offer.

 Setup Fee   $79.00 
 Annual Fee   NONE
 Monthly Statement Fee   $10.00
 Monthly Gateway Fee   $15.00
 Monthly Transactional Minimum Fees   $25.00
 Internet Debit Discount Rate   2.10%
 Qualified and Mid-qualified Discount Rate   2.32%
 Non-qualified Discount Rate   3.95%
 Transaction Fee   $.30

Offer #3- No Monthly Minimums

This account is great for customers who are just
starting out and want to limit their monthly exposure to fees. The fees are
structured similarly to many of the third-party solutions like Pay Pal or 2Checkout.
The difference is that this is a true merchant account solution.

 Setup Fee   $49.00 
 Annual Fee   NONE
 Monthly Statement Fee   NONE
 Monthly Gateway Fee   NONE
 Monthly Transactional Minimum Fees   NONE
 Qualified and Mid-qualified Discount Rate   5.5%
 Non-qualified Discount Rate   5.5%
 Transaction Fee   $.45

About BluePay
BluePay, Inc. is a leading provider of electronic payment processing solutions. Over the past 5 years, BluePay has helped thousands of merchants create a cost effective environment to accept electronic payments. BluePay is headquartered in Lisle, IL with resellers and agents located throughout the globe.


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